About Peter Raos

Glass Artist

Peter Raos is a glass artist from Devonport, New Zealand. Peter has worked in Devonport for more than 39 years. It is where his glass art gallery is also situated. He gets inspiration for most of his glass artwork directly through his wife’s love for gardening. For example, the Myriad leaves pattern, The Sculptured Lily, and the form of the Changing Compositions of Flowers as seasons keep changing. Peter Raos has also developed a couple of paperweight series as a tribute to French impressionists. He employs the layering effect that is typical of Monet’s work. He then uses it in his own glasswork creating impressionist gardens out of glass. 

Because of his mastery of glass work, Peter is an internationally acclaimed glass artist. He was contracted by Louis Vuitton to make an America’s cup keepsake which was going to be given to their international guests. He created a paperweight Pacific sea garden of a limited edition. To quote him about this particular collection, “…just like my other glass artwork, this Pacific collection is kind of like staring into a Microcosm of nature and wondering how that kind of beauty and life were created…”

Peter also makes unique glass art pieces for special occasions including corporate gifts, special anniversary gifts, presentation art pieces, retirement and leaving gifts, academic achievement, among others. Organizations and companies which have presented Peter’s art include Publishing Nissan, NZ Manukau city council, ACP media, Louis Vuitton, Sheffield Consulting, Reed, Big Pictures, The University of Auckland, Utilicorp, The Franks Trust (USA) to mention but a few. Peter also supplies many leaving and thank you gifts for a number of people including a few New Zealand government departments. 

Peter and his wife Prue love giving back and they have supported several schools and charity organizations in New Zealand either by donating Peter’s glass artwork or by participating in charity events like the Sculpture on shore that raises money twice every year for women’s refuge. When you visit the Peter Raos glass gallery, you get a personal one on one service with the artist himself. And if you leave outside Auckland and want to buy some of Peter’s glass artwork but you can not make the trip to Devonport, you can order a piece online and it will be shipped to you at a small fee anywhere in New Zealand. The gallery also ships to other countries so anyone in need of Peter’s work can get it.

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